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MA-HUB© mainly focuses on the interplay between communication services provision and interoperability,and aims to yield an infrastructure and innovative tools to support their evolution. Our main objective is todevelop an open and disruptive communication platform to be offered as a cloud service, which will providecommunication services and interconnection among all market stakeholders (Telco, Apps and OTTs).OTT providers offer innovative, rich and user-friendly applications and have altered the behavior of users inthe consumption of communications services. Traditional communication services such as voice andmessaging offered by Telcos, now are faced with fierce competition from OTTs.Although Telcos introduce RCS in the market to compete with OTTs, the interconnection among differentRCS networks (RCS Hubbing), WebRTC enabled applications and OTTs imposes an important marketbarrier.The lack of such interconnection hinders cross-application and cross-networks interoperability andconsequently creates disconnected specific islands. Despite sounding natural and aligned to the EuropeanDigital Agenda for neutrality, the interconnection of said islands remains a highly challenging topic.IMA-HUB© project is founded upon three pillars: the key technology enablers uniform and openinteroperable tools and a solid business strategy. The first pillar integrates existing mSensis technologyand communication enablers to provide the IMA-HUB© for the real world environment supportingcommunication mashups. The second pillar offers a set of intelligent tools and APIs allowing stakeholdersto use platform services to accelerate in-app development. The third pillar provides support for businessand market alignment through the applicability of use cases, the adoption of the open innovation paradigmand collaboration.


WP 1Requirements and Specifications; Architecture and Use Cases
WP 2 CSP Development and Integration
WP 3HUB Development and Integration
WP 4Services’ Roll Out; Performance Optimization and Testing


1 / D.1 Specification
2 / D1.2 High Level Design
3 / D1.3 Web Portal
4 / D1.4Communication Plan
5 / D1.5 Use Cases and Validation plan
6 / D1.6 Business Plan
7 / D2.1Core Communication Platform
8 / D3.1Hub Interconnection Platform
9 / D4.1 Pilot testing and optimization


IMA-HUB is funded by ESPA and the European Union Regional Development


The main objective of the IMA-HUB© project is to significantly improve the process of IP communications resulting in an easy, convenient and increasingly interoperable and federated ecosystem. We aim to provide Telcos, Webcos, and App Developers with a carrier grade infrastructure to share and interconnect communication services that will subsequently reduce the current level of market fragmentation. This innovative communication model is expected to disrupt the market, and create opportunities for new services to emerge and new revenue streams for Telcos, Webcos and App Developers.

Objective 1

Communication Services Platform

The design and development of a cloud based Communication Services Platform (CSP) following the hybrid approach that integrates the private and public cloud, commercially available in the end of the Year 1 of the project. This approach will allow App Developers and Telcos to rapidly introduce innovative and interactive, in-app and in-network IP communication services. In addition, it will enable end-users to communicate with their contacts (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) globally. Compared to the traditional approach of developing an analogous app, it is estimated that CSP will reduce the relevant costs by 40% and the time-to-market by 60% (since only integration and testing will be required), without compromising either quality or performance.

Objective 2

Interconnection Communication Hub

The design and development of a cloud based Interconnection Communication Hub (HUB). The HUB will enable the direct and seamless interconnection and interworking between the messaging apps of all the market players (Telcos, Webcos, App. Developers) through a) RCS Hubbing, b) webRTC Gateway and c) OTTA API. The HUB is expected to reduce the technical complexity of interconnection by more than 60% (a single technical interconnection and a single contract are just required to connect to all), reduce the fragmentation of the industry, and provide interoperability between similar services from different providers. Furthermore, an open API will enable the interconnection with similar hubs and ensure accessibility, openness and interoperability of the ecosystem. The service will be commercial available by the end of the Year 2 of the project.

Objective 3

Scaling up and performance optimization

The Scaling up and performance optimization of CSP and HUB infrastructure in order to support more than quarter billion consumers, 100 service providers, and 100.000 apps. This scale and performance of the platform is essential for realizing our commercial plan (serving our customers). Validation and testing of the resulting infrastructure in real world conditions will be realized by acquiring at least two applications for CSP service and interconnecting at least one Telco or OTTA by the end of Year 2.